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The Essence of NING

NING is the heart of the fusion between the Contemporary and the Oriental. A truly first-class massage luxury, the origins of ‘Ning’ translates to peace and serenity in Chinese; a succinct expression that encapsulates the Spa’s Eastern influences and geographical location in Asia.

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Dedicated to deliver a caring touch

Foot & Leg


Lay back, relax and rejuvenate

Back & Shoulder


Healing touch to soothe back aches

Full Body


An ultimate stress release experience

Foot & Leg Massage

Focusing on the lower leg, this divine massage releases tension and eases aches in lethargic feet. Deeply invigorating and therapeutic, it invokes a relaxing and rejuvenating sensation that ensures you and your soles are thoroughly pampered.

Back & Shoulder Massage

The classic back and shoulder massage is a healing touch to sooth back aches, muscle tensions and stiffness in the body. Lay back and indulge in this restorative massage worthy for a royalty.

Foot + Back & Shoulder Massage

This invigorating massage kneads deeply into tired muscles to relieve tension and improve blood circulation. It eliminates knots to combat stress and give the body an extra boost of energy.

Shiatsu / Wellness
Body Massage

Based on the Japanese art of healing, the Shiatsu massage uses acupuncture techniques to stimulate pressure points. Restore the vitality and balance in your body with this soothing and therapeutic treatment.


Remedy for travel fatigue and sore feet. A combination of foot massage, electric hot stone massage and Award Winning Detonix treatment, perfect for travellers who want to get rid or prevent post flight woes.

Prefect for smoothening callus-filled feet

A combination of foot scrub and foot peel to get rid of the thickened, hard and dry skin and reveal a revitalized, baby-smooth skin on your feet.

About Us

At NING, we are committed to providing a holistic journey that embraces the physical and spiritual well-being of our customers. Our tranquil and healing concept delivers a caring touch to revitalise and enhance your well-being.

Dedicated to deliver a caring touch


Jewel Changi Airport, #04-215/216
78 Airport Blvd, Singapore 819666

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